How To Set Heart Rate Targets For Cardio Workouts

 Set heart rate targets for specific durations of time or distances on all cardio exercises and create killer cardio sessions, guaranteed to get your clients’ hearts pumping!

To calculate your clients' minimum and maximum heart rates, we use the Haskell-Fox Heart Rate Formula as shown below:

  • Minimum Heart Rate = (220 - age) x Minimum Percentage
  • Maximum Heart Rate = (220 - age) x Maximum Percentage


Distance + HR



Time + HR



When and where can I add heart rate targets in my clients' workouts? 

Heart rate targets can be added to a client's workout by searching for cardio exercises or by adding a cardio event in a client's calendar. 


1. Cardio added to a Workout:



2. Cardio Event:



What do clients see on the mobile app?

Scheduled_Rowing_Event.jpg   Tracked_Rowing_Workout.jpg

^ Scheduled                                                   ^ Tracked


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