How do I market my online training business?

This article explains how to set up your Site Designer page (free website provided) and extra tips for driving traffic to your website.

You can also view our Sample Site to get some ideas.


Submit Your Site To Search Engines and/or Directories

Let search engines and directories know you're in business by submitting to them directly. 


Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Your Trainerize site has the ability to index with Google to come up higher in search results, when people are searching on Google for the services you offer. 


Customize Keywords

  • Login to your Trainerize web account and click on "My Account" in the bottom left corner.
  • From the My Account menu click on "Name".
  • Within the Business Name page you can enter your business name and description as it will show up on Google search results, as well as your Google keywords. It's a good idea to use general keywords like 'Personal trainer' and 'Online personal training', but also specific niche keywords like 'MMA trainer', 'Basketball trainer' if you work in a niche type of training.



Add Relevant Content

Populate your site with fitness content about your business. The content helps search engines rank your site. Make sure to really write about what services you offer, and what areas you're servicing.

We've taken care of a few items for you that you can easily fill out:

  • Fill in your Profile. This can be found under "My Account" (bottom left corner) and then choose "Profile" from the My Account menu. This will automatically appear on your front page.
  • Start a blog on WordPress, and integrate your blog to your Trainerize site. Write lots of content and focus on using key words that you know clients are searching for on google when looking for your services. 

Working on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes time. It isn't an overnight task, and can take months to appear relevant to Google. Craft out a plan to keep updating content, and stick to it, and your site will eventually be listed.



Accept Payments Online

You can use any payment system you wish in combination with Trainerize. As clients stop requiring online training, Archive them. When they return, simply Restore them.

Create a "Plans and Services" page on your site.

  • Make a new page called Plans and Services. 
  • Detail out your Plans and Services. To make a little price bubble, highlight the number and select the formatting Price.



Insert a Paypal Button

The Trainerize Site Designer works only with Paypal, which is easy to setup, fees are reasonable, and you can deposit money directly to your bank account for free.

Create your plans as one-time payments or subscriptions, and place one-click payment options on your Trainerize site, for your clients to easily pay you. Instructions on setting up Paypal and integrating with your Trainerize site can be found at this link: How do I collect payments using PayPal?



Connect Your Social Networks To Your Trainerize Web Site

You can connect all of the most popular social networks to your Trainerize web site. These will then be shown on your Trainerize site and on your profile. These will show up as clickable icons in the footer of your Trainerize site.

You can connect them by going to "My Account" and then click on "Social Media" from the My Account menu. By clicking the "Edit" button you can add your social networks.

You can connect the following:

  • Facebook business page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • A blog

With the use of these social networks you can do the following:

  • Push out motivational content such as fitness related images, motivational thoughts or tips/tricks regularly. Encourage your community to like and/or comment with questions such as "How is everyone's Monday?! "Like" if you're going to hit the gym today!". Get people to like the image you post, drawing attention to your page from their friends. Get creative with the content you post!


Train Lots Of People With Templates

Scale your training business by creating Workout Templates. These templates can be reused as you take on more clients. You can copy basic templates to clients with similar goals and you can adjust them in each client's Training Plan. You'll save loads of admin time, and clients will be amazed at how quickly you can get customized training plans setup for them. 


Brand Your Logos and Exercise Videos

  • Customize the video exercise library by creating your own: Create a tighter virtual connection with your clients, and film yourself doing exercises which you can use within your clients training plan. Your clients can then stream these videos via the web or mobile app. Your videos can include audio, and be as long as you wish for them to be. Upload your videos to a YouTube channel, and then you can connect your YouTube channel to Trainerize to import them to your video library. Read more about Setting up the YouTube Add-on (Batch Import)
  • With Trainerize, you get a free website with the Site Designer that allows you to upload a logo, customize the colors, and even upload your own banners and images. This site is your business identity, so take the time to make it look amazing! And if you already have an existing website, you can integrate it. Click here for our guide that will show you your three options related to your website.  


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