How do I upload my logo to my Trainerize site and mobile app?

Make sure to upload your business logo to your Trainerize site. It will brand your web account, your mobile app and if you use the Site Designer - your web site for you and your clients to see. It will also show up on the workout tracking sheet that clients can print. 

***Make sure that your logo is the proper size before uploading. The allowable size for the Trainerize logo is 928 x 240 pixels at 72dpi. You will need to re-size your logo to these dimensions before uploading. For best results logo's should be in PNG format to upload to Trainerize. Maximum size is 5MB.

To upload your logo (refer to screenshot below):

  • Login to your Trainerize web account
  • Click on "My Account" in the bottom left hand corner
  • From the My Account menu click on "Branding and Logo"
  • Drag and drop your logo onto the drag/drop area indicated (see screenshot)
  • A crop tool will appear. Using the crop tool - crop your image as close as possible without cutting off your image.
  • Click "Crop"
  • Choose "Light" or "Dark" theme for your background (one will work better with your log than the other)


Here are some instructions on how to re-size photos on a Mac or PC.


PC: (You can also resize easily under 'edit' in the windows photo gallery)


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