Site Designer: How do I set up my website domain or URL?

Where to find Site Designer:

1. Click on "Add Ons" at the lower left of your page: 


2. Click on "Business Apps":


3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Launch" next to Site Designer:



There are 3 website options to choose from for your Trainerize website.

  • Login to your Trainerize web account
  • Click on "My Account" in the bottom left hand corner
  • From your My Account menu click on "Web Address"

(See screenshot)



Under "Additional Address Options" you will find the following: 

Option 1

"I want to use the default Trainerize website provided."

This option is best for anyone that doesn’t have a website, or would like a more specific or more professional looking website to provide information about your online training services. We provide a free URL and hosting. This website is fast to set up and very easy to use. 

This can be setup by using our Site Designer which is located in the top left hand megamenu of your Trainerize site.

Your URL will be in this format:

Instructions on how to create a Trainerize website with our point and click website designer can be found here: How do I use the Site Designer?


Option 2

"I want to use the default Trainerize website but map it to a custom domain name."

This will allow you to use the site designer (Option 1) to build a Trainerize site and have us host it, but use a vanity URL such as versus This is a good option for people who want to advertise their online training business without 'Trainerize' in their website name.

If you would like to change the URL we provide you for your Trainerize site you can. For example if you want to change your URL from to so it is shorter, easier to tell clients, or whatever your reason - you just have to buy a domain from a domain name provider like and follow the steps below on how to add a vanity URL. We will still host your site for free for you.


Here are the steps:

Select the following option:

“I want to use the default Trainerize website, but map it to my own custom domain name. (a vanity url such as: )” 

(see screenshot below)

GoDaddy has instructions here on how to set up a custom url and point it to our nameservers.

We have written some more detailed instructions on how to do this here: “Custom domain mapping with GoDaddy”

(Note: There are too many domain providers to list instructions for all of them. If you have or bought a domain from a different provider, please check their F.A.Q. page or contact their customer representatives for instructions.)

*If you want to you can even map multiple domains to your Trainerize site.

Why do some people do this? 

It's not always necessary, but here are some valid reasons for people to think about doing this, some of the common ones are, but aren’t limited to:

-Maximize reach and SEO by purchasing many domains and mapping them to one site.

-If you have a business name that is commonly misspelled, you may want to map the common misspellings to your site. For example if your website is you may also want to acquire and map the domain (notice the difference in spelling - keep in mind you must own both domains)

*Please follow the domain mapping directions from the site you purchased your domain from. Here are GoDaddy’s instructions: “Setting custom nameservers for a domain registered with (GoDaddy) and hosted elsewhere(Trainerize)”


Option 3

This option is for anyone who has an existing website and would like to keep that as the main place for clients and potential clients to go for information. This is an integration option to combine your current website and a Trainerize login button in one place. If you have advanced design ideas for your business' website, this option gives you the most freedom.

If you already have a website, you can add a login button for clients to access their Trainerize dashboard (our web app) on your existing site .


Here are the steps:

Select the following option:

"I will embed a Trainerize login button on your existing website."

(see screenshot below)

Then type in your existing website name and click "Save".

Next, click “grab code” and copy and paste that code wherever you want your login link to appear on your website.  

When a client visits your website, they click on the button and it will redirect them to the 'Sign In' screen for your Trainerize business. This is where they will login to the web portion of the platform with their username (email) and password.

You can also build your own customized button somewhere on your site that says something like “Client login” or “Trainerize login”, and just redirect that button to your Trainerize login screen. The address you redirect it to will be https://YourCompany


**A variation of this option is to add an entire page to your existing website that is titled “Online Training” and have that page link to your Trainerize main page.

If you would like to see an example of this, check out one of our great Trainerize Trainer’s websites here: and click on the “Online Training” page. You’ll notice how its linked to the Trainerize site.

(Please do not contact Brent with any questions about Trainerize. He was kind enough to let us use his awesome site as an example. Direct all questions to us at thanks!)

-This is easy to do, just speak to your website developer and have them make a page called “Online Training”, then direct that page to your Trainerize site URL  


If you ever need any assistance with deciding which option would be best for you, send us an email at


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