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How do I find my client invoices?

Reviewing your bills regularly will give you greater insight into which clients are purchasing which Products, how many invoices are paid, and how many are past due. This can help inform how you run your business.


Where Do I Find Client Invoices?
Invoice Statuses
Automated Messages for Failed Invoices


Where Do I Find Client Invoices?

The invoices page gives you an overview of all Invoices with any Status. Pending Invoices, Paid Invoices, Failing Invoices, and Failed Invoices will be displayed in this section.

1. Click on Payments on the left-hand side of your account.

2. Select Invoices from the sidebar menu.


3. You will see all invoices listed on the default page.


Invoice Statuses

When you first arrive on the Invoices page you will see a list of all the invoices issued from your Trainerize Pay account. Choose from the tags on the left to filter by invoice status: Pending Invoices, Paid Invoices, Failing Invoices, and Failed Invoices.


Pending Invoices

Pending invoices are those that have been issued after a client successfully entered their credit card information into the payment gateway. Their credit card information will then be processed and an attempt to collect the payment will be made. The invoice will move either to “Paid,” if the card is successfully charged, or “Failing” if the card is initially declined.


Paid Invoices

Paid invoices are invoices that have been sent to a customer and payment has been successfully collected.


Failing Invoices

Invoices for which collection has been attempted but was unsuccessful will be filtered under the “Failing” tab. Possible reasons for this include insufficient funds in a client's account or on their credit card balance, or a client’s bank blocking the charge. Trainerize will make 4 attempts to collect from the card over a period of 7 days. If the card fails on the 4th attempt the invoice will be moved from “Failing” to “Failed.”


Failed Invoices

After 4 unsuccessful collection attempts have been made on a card, the invoice will move to the “Failed” tab.


Automated Messages for Failed Invoices

A customer who receives an invoice to pay, but whose payment information is declined, will be sent a series of four dunning (collections) emails and three in-app messages letting them know of the failing charges and how to solve the problem.

You can review the auto-messages, as well as turn them off and on.

1. Click on My account at the lower left of your account.

2. Select Auto Messages And Events.


At the bottom of the page you will see the list of automated messages. Click "View" on the right to see more. 



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