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What do the different Trainerize Pay Gateway Statuses mean? How do I know I’ve successfully turned on Trainerize Pay?

All paid Trainerize plans include access to Trainerize Pay. This article discusses the various Trainerize Pay Gateway Statuses you may see in your account and explains how to ensure the Trainerize Pay Gateway is Live so you can start accepting payments.



Identifying Your Current Gateway Status
Interpreting What the Gateway Statuses Mean


Identifying Your Current Gateway Status

1. Click on Payments on the left-hand side of your account.

2. Select Gateway and Payouts from the sidebar menu.


Look for the Status indicator written in superscript text next to the “Gateway and Payouts” heading. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see the Gateway Status is set to “NOT LIVE.”


Interpreting What the Gateway Statuses Mean

Now that you know what your Payment Gateway Status is and where to find it, it is important to understand what each of them means and what stage in the setup and transaction process they each correspond to.

Possible Gateway Statuses are: “Not Live”, “Live”, “Pending” or “Paused.” 


What does this
mean for me?

Can I add or
subscribe clients
to products?

Can I collect
Can I receive
 Not Live “Not Live” indicates that you have yet to create a Trainerize Pay account and complete the setup process. Your Gateway Status will remain set to “Not Live” until you turn on the Payment Gateway.    No    No    No
  You can now turn on the Payment Gateway. Once turned on, you will be asked to provide details for your payout method and will be immediately charged the Gateway Fee.
 Pending After you have turned on your Payment Gateway, your status will update to "Pending" indicating that you can start accepting payments. During this pending period, you may be required to provide additional information to verify your account. It can take Stripe a few days to confirm your verification.    Yes    Yes    No
 Live After Stripe verifies your account, your status will switch to “Live” and you will be able to accept both payments and payouts.    Yes    Yes    Yes
 Paused If your status ever appears as “Paused” it means you have not submitted necessary information within 7 days of creating your account. While paused, you will not be able to accept payments or receive payouts.    No    No    No
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