Trainerize Pay: Discount Codes


How do I add discounts in Trainerize Pay?

This article will walk you through the process of creating and setting up Discount Codes for your Trainerize Pay Products. These can be used in your promotional or marketing materials or can be shared on your social media platforms.



How to Create a Discount Code
How To Apply a Discount Code
How to Remove a Discount Code


How to Create a Discount Code

Discount codes can be applied to both types of Product available in Trainerize Pay: subscriptions (purchased as a recurring payment) and packages (purchased in one single, upfront payment).

For new subscriptions, discount codes will take effect at the time of purchase or when a trainer applies a code to client’s account. For existing subscriptions, discount codes will take effect as of the next billing date.

You can save, add, and remove discount codes whenever choose.


1. Click on Payments on the left-hand side of your account.

2. Select Discount Codes from the sidebar menu.


3. Click on "+ New" on the left-hand side of the page.


4. Enter the name of your Discount Code.

You can use the name of your Discount Code to help track different marketing campaigns you are running. For example, "15FACEBOOK" could reference an advertisement for 15% off new purchases that are the result of (referred from) your Facebook Advertisement.

5. Choose between a percentage discount or a fixed dollar amount discount and enter your chosen value.

6. Select the duration of your discount code.

There are three options available:

A) Forever: the discount code never expires
B) One Time: the discount code can only be redeemed one time by a client
C) Valid For: the time the discount code will be active on a client’s account after it has been applied. For example, setting a valid date of 2 months will keep the discount code active in that client's account for any plans purchased during those 2 months.

7. Choose the maximum number of times you'd like this coupon to be redeemed. Leaving this field blank allows the coupon to be used an infinite number of times.

8. Set an expiration date for your discount code.


After creating a Discount Code it will be added to your list of available codes and can be used by any client across any product.


How to Apply a Discount Code

If you apply a Discount Code to a new client, the discounted rate will appear on their initial invoice. Existing Clients will see their discounted rate applied on their next billing subscription. Discount Codes can be applied in two ways:

Sharing a Discount Code

Manually Applying a Discount Code


Sharing a Discount Code

This is a great option if you want to run a promotion with a discount code that you publicly share. Clients can apply the coupon themselves when they purchase a product.


1. Clients can buy any product listed on your page and apply a coupon to it.


2. When your Client clicks the “Buy” button for a product, they will be required to fill in their information and will see an option to fill in the Discount Code.


If this is a new subscription, the discount code will be applied at the time of purchase.

If any clients with active subscriptions want to buy a new product, they will not be able complete the purchase through Instead, a dialogue will prompt them to reach out to their trainer directly. This is because clients can only have one active subscription at a time. You can still offer a discount code to your existing clients by manually applying a code.


Manually Applying a Discount Code

Manually applying a Discount Code to your client gives you greater control over who gets a discount and at what amount based on the intricacies of their needs. You may want to apply a larger discount to long-term trainees, or manually apply a discount based on a client that refers other clients to you.


1. Click on the Clients tab in the left-hand side menu.

2. Select the client you wish to apply the discount code for and open their profile.


3. Click on the Payments tab.


4. At the lower left, click “Add Coupon.”


5. Select the Coupon you would like to see applied and click "Add." The coupon will take effect when the next transaction goes through. 



How to Remove a Discount Code

Remove from Client

Remove from Trainerize


Remove from Client

1. Open the Client you wish to remove the Discount Code from.


2. Click on the Payments tab.


3. At the lower left, hover your cursor over the Discount Code you wish to see removed. Click the "X" to delete the code.



Remove from Trainerize

1. Click on the Payments tab.

2. Select Discount Codes from the sidebar menu.


3. Check the box next to the Discount you wish to remove.

4. Click the garbage can icon to delete the Discount Code from Trainerize.



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