Custom Branded App: How to Migrate


Who Needs to Migrate?

Migration is only required for trainers and their clients currently using an old version of an iOS Custom Branded Fitness App (version 4.9 or lower). If you did not receive an old version of your Custom App due to Apple App Store approval issues or if you purchased a Custom Branded App after October 1, 2017 you and your clients do not need to migrate and can instead refer to our help article on transitioning from Trainerize to a Custom Branded App. For Android users already using a Custom Branded Fitness App, there’s no need to download or switch to anything new. Your current Android custom app will continue to function and receive updates as usual, and can still be accessed in the Google Play store.


Step 1 - Confirm Previous Purchase of Custom Branded App

You can check the status of your new custom app at any point within the Trainerize web app by visiting the Add-ons section at the lower left.

Here you will find one of two things. If your app is still in progress, you will see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen informing you of the current status of your app and an estimate of the time remaining before it is live and ready to use.


Or, if your app has already been published, you will see a notice that your app is live and links to download the new version for both Apple and Android devices.


If you purchased a Custom Branded App after October 1, 2017 you do not need to migrate. You will see your progression marked at the bottom with an estimate for how long it will take to progress to the next step.


Step 2 - Receive notification email

When the new version of your app is ready, we’ll send you an email and an in-app notification telling you it’s time to switch over.


Step 3 - Download the App

You’ll be directed to the Apple App Store where you will download the Trainerize “Fitness App”. When first downloaded this app will appear with Trainerize branding, but will dynamically update to show your custom branding after your first login.


Step 4 - Update Trainers and Clients

Also included in that email will be a button asking you to “Notify Trainers and Clients.” Once you’ve downloaded the new app yourself, click this button to authorize us to automatically send an email to your trainers and clients with instructions and links for migrating to the new version of your custom app.


Step 5 - Sharing your App

Once you’ve made the switch yourself, you can access the links to your new Custom Branded Fitness Apps in the add-ons section of Trainerize to share them with new clients.


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