Trainerize Pay: Getting started

Get started with Trainerize Pay with these quick and easy steps!

Activate Trainerize Pay for your business by clicking on the " Payments " menu in the left hand side. From here you will be able to customize Trainerize Pay to best fit your training offering.




Step 1.

Setup your country and currency. Please note that once selected these cannot be changed for your business.


Step 2.

Create a training product to market and sell. Tap " + New " to created a training product. Depending on how you would like to charge for your training services, you can create 2 types of products: recurring and one-time purchase products.


Training products can either be "Plans" (recurring online, hybrid or in-person training offerings) or "Packages" (single payment products, one-time selling offerings).

Each product has a title, a certain value, a renewal option, the ability to sell it through your pages, as well as a tab to see which of your clients are subscribed (or have purchased) the training product.




Check out this article for more information on how to create a Training Product with Trainerize Pay.


Step 3.

After you created your training prodcuts, it's time to subscribe your clients to a Plan or Package. Click on the " Subscribe "  button on the product line and select the clients you want to subscribe to your plan.  You will get an option to select the start date of your plan.

Learn more about how to subscribe clients to a plan in Trainerize Pay.



Step 4.

Verify your account and add a payout method.  From the "Payout and Verification" menu, go ahead and add your payment method. You will be prompted to select whether you receive your payouts in a personal or business account.  You need to provide a verification method and bank account information for your payouts.

Read more about how to verify your account and add a payout method in Trainerize Pay.



Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions:

Trainerize Pay is currently offered in the following countries:

Country Transactional costs
United States 3.15% + 30c
Canada 3.15% + 30c
Australia 2.25% + 30c (Domestic) 3.4% + 30c (International)
United Kingdom 1.9% + 20p (European) 3.4% + 20p (Non European)
Norway 2.9% + 2kr (Norwegian) 3.4% 2kr (Non Norwegian)
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