How to Migrate from Stripe

If you have an existing Stripe account and you want to move over to a seamless payment experience within Trainerize, you will need to follow these quick steps.


First, you will need to cancel any payments or subscriptions charged to clients in your existing Stripe account. Then follow our steps to connect your Stripe account to Trainerize. Trainerize currently uses Stripe as our default payment gateway. 


Note: A separate Stripe account specifically for Trainerize will be created if you choose to connect your existing Stripe account. This will provide you with a seamless integrated payment experience within Trainerize. Your existing Stripe account will not be impacted nor connected to Trainerize. 


1. Cancel the "Auto-Renew" for any client subscriptions you have created in Stripe.

As per Stripe's usage settings, by default, a subscription continues, and the customer continues to be billed, until it’s canceled. You can cancel subscriptions yourself from the Dashboard.


After canceling a subscription, a customer could still be charged if there are invoice items you created or there was a proration and the subscription is canceled at period end.


2. Setup up Integrated Payments in Trainerize 

Follow the steps in this article to setup payments within Trainerize:


3. Create your Training Products in Trainerize and Subscribe Clients

Create a Package or Subscription Plan and set up automation to run to subscribe clients to a program. Follow the steps in this article to learn how:


That's it! If you need assistance migrating to Trainerize Pay, please don't hesitate to get in touch via chat or by raising a support ticket.

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