Organizing Your Master Workout Library with Tags

Master Workout tags are a powerful tool for organizing your Master Workout Library in ABC Trainerize. These tags function like folders, allowing you to categorize and quickly find specific workouts. 

Creating a New Workout Tag

To create a new Tag, select the + Add New Tag button in the Master Workouts section. You will be prompted to type a name for the tag and click Create

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Applying Tags to Workouts

To tag the workouts, select the workouts you wish to tag, then click on the Tag icon at the top right of the screen. Select the tag(s) you want to apply to that workout and click Save when you're done.

To remove a tag from a workout, follow the same steps above, but this time, deselect the tag and click Save. 

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Editing or Deleting Tags

Click on the three vertical dots to the right of the tag. You can choose to either rename or delete the tag.

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Using Workout Tags When Building a Master Program

Utilizing workout tags also allows you to easily find and add Master Workouts to a Program. By filtering your workouts by tags, you can streamline the process of importing workouts into your Master Programs.

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For more information on utilizing the Copy To, Import From or Move function, please visit: Copy To vs Import From vs Move

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