How do Workout Template Tags work?

Workout Template Tags are a way for you to organize Workout Templates. They work similarly to folders where you create a Tag and then assign specific Workout Templates to the tag to find and/or assign those specific Workout Templates faster.

To use Workout Template Tags (refer to screenshot below):

  • Login to your Trainerize web account
  • Click on "Templates" in the left hand menu



  • Click on "Create New Tag" to begin creating a custom tag.



  • From the dialogue box name your Template Tag and then click the green "Add" button.



  • Once you click Add your Tag will show up in the Tag menu to the left.
  • The number indicated on the Tag will be zero.
  • This indicates how many Workout Templates are currently in the tag.
  • The next step is to add our Workout Templates to the Tag.



Drag and Drop (single Workout Templates)

  • To add Workout Templates to Tags you can either click and drag specific Workout Templates on top of the Tag.
  • This will add the specific Workout Template to the Tag you drop it on.
  • You can drag and drop Workout Templates one at a time.

Select and Apply (multiple Workout Templates)

  • You can also select specific Workout Templates by using the checkbox to the left of the Workout Template name. (Step 1)
  • Then from the Tag drop down, select the tag you wish to add the selected Workout Templates to. (Step 2)
  • Then click Apply. (Step 3)
  • You can select multiple Workout Templates and add them all at once.



  • Workout Templates have now been added to the "Advanced Workouts" Tag
  • This is indicated by the number "3" (three Workout Templates have been added)



  • Clicking on the "Advanced Workouts" Tag will quickly reveal (sort) the Workout Templates that have been added to this specific Tag.
  • This way you can create many tags to find your Workout Templates quickly.



To modify or use an existing Tag

  • Roll over the number icon beside the Tag name and it turns into a gear/cog icon - clicking on it will reveal a dropdown menu.
  • You can Delete the Tag
  • Rename the Tag
  • Copy the contents of the Tag to a client - when you use a Tag to copy to a client - ALL Workout Templates in that Tag are copied to the specific client.



To remove a Workout Template from a Tag

  • Click on the Tag you with to modify (this selects it and reveals the content of the Tag)
  • Select the Workout Template to be removed by selecting the checkbox to the left of the Workout Template name
  • From the "Tags" menu deselect the Workout Template Tag name by unchecking the checkbox
  • Click Apply



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