How to customize the client consultation form

When you add a new client to your account the client will automatically receive an email requesting that they fill out the consultation form. We have a pre formatted Client Consultation Form that you are able to utilize "as is" or you can edit with your own specific questions. 

To access the Client Consultation and change questions, navigate to Account -> Site Settings -> Consultation Form. 


In here, you can adjust the questions as you need to. Make sure to maintain the structure.

Adding a new question to the form with a picklist of selections

Copy and paste the following bit of code, and replace with your own question and picklist selections

[label text='Rate your overall activity level?']
[value text='--None--']
[value text='Sedentary']
[value text='Moderately Active']
[value text='Active']
[value text='Very Active']

You can also change/edit an existing question, by editing the text beside label text. If you wish to add another option selection to the picklist, simply add [Value text='New option']

Adding a new question to the form with a text area for client input

Copy and paste the following bit of code, and replace with your question. 

[label text='What exercises if any do you currently perform?']

If you need any help, shoot us a note

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    Chris Taube

    How do I add a measurements section with multiple small text boxes similar to the "height" area?

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    Trainerize CSM

    If you like give this a try. I will also send you a direct email. Thank you.

    The textboxes are wider but it should fit necessary requirements.

    [label text='Chest (inhaled, in inches)']

    [textbox text=""]

    [label text='Waist measurement (in inches)']

    [textbox text=""]

    Another way, you can ask his clients to track body measurements on their calendar.That will go directly into the app so it is graphable.

    You can add some text at the end of the form.

    [label text='Once you finish setting up, go to you calendar and track your body stats for today.']

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    Trainerize CSM

    The consultation form is html so you can customize it with html capabilities.

    Correct format to bold a word: <b>word to bold</b>

    Correct format to italicize a word: <i>word to italicize</i>

    Correct format to underline a word: <u>word to underline</u>

    Note: We leave customization open for those that want to run with it, but because we only offer limited support on html, you may want to reference the following site for tutorials on HTML if needed:

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