How can I setup my clients workouts?

You can create " Workout Templates" in your own library that you can then "copy" into an individual Clients training plan OR you can create a new workout directly from within a client's library.

Setting up your client's workouts, using your workout templates

You can setup templates for routines, and then send them to a client's training plan to get them quickly up and running on a routine. Once you send a workout, you can make adjustments at the client level, without affecting your main workout templates. To send workout templates to a client, follow these steps: 

  • Select Workout Templates from the mega-menu dropdown at top left
  • Within Workout Templates, choose the workout templates you want to send by checking the boxes next to them


  • Click Copy in the top menu 
  • In the pop up window begin typing the name of the client you want to send the templates to, it will auto-populate as you type
  • Choose additional workout templates to send from the pop-up window if you like
  • Click the green Copy button


  • Your workouts will now be in the clients' workout templates list


You can then make any changes specific to this client's needs, by clicking on "Edit" beside the workout. Your main template will not be affected. 

Setting up your client's workouts, by creating a new workout from scratch

To create a new specific workout for a client directly, navigate to the client's view (see screen shot above), and then click on the workout tab. You can then build either a regular workout, or a circuit workout for the client: 
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